WOLFONROAD Rock Climbing Helmets

WOLFONROAD Rock Climbing Helmets

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Safety in Rock Climbing is the No. 1 consideration.  Head gear is critical to overall protection of the body since any damage to the head can jeopardize you, the participant in this amazing sport.  A high quality helmet is a must, and Wolfonroad Rock Climbing helmets provide maximum protection for safe climbs.  Protect your head against falling debris and other trauma in mountaineering, biking, caving, canyon explorations and hiking.


These Rock Climbing Helmets are well ventilated with excellent head and chin support and padding.  They are lightweight, yet strong, with CE certification.  An adjustment knob on the headband keeps the helmet sized for you, and a Headlamp Clip is included. It is versatile, so can be used for cycling, rescue, spelunking, etc. 

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Type:  Half-Cover MENS Helmet
Hat Size:  FULLY ADJUSTABLE from 6 3/4 to 7 3/4 Hat Sizes

Weight: 10.25 Oz.

Age: >14 Years
Season: Universal
Sport: Rock Climbing, Biking, Rescue
Material: Composites

Type: Rock Climbing Safety Helmets

Suited for Sports: Caving, Canyoning, Mountaineering, Rappelling, Ice climbing

Function: Ventilated, rescue, cycling, mountaineering, climbing

Color: Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Orange
Material of shell: PC
Material of inner shell: EPS
Certification:  CE1078