Double Sheave Climbing Pulleys 32KN, Carabiner 25KN,  Prusik Loop, Rock Climbing Equipment

Double Sheave Climbing Pulleys 32KN, Carabiner 25KN, Prusik Loop, Rock Climbing Equipment

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Double Sheave Climbing Pulleys 32KN, Carabiner 25KN,  Prusik Loop, Rock Climbing Equipment This is Pro-Level Climbing Gear with outstanding quality built in to all equipment pieces.

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Components are of great strength for Rock Climbing and Mountain Climbing Standards.. 
Engineered for Rescue, Survival and Mountaineering
20" Prusik loop
Material: Polyester
Diameter: 8mm
Colour: Green
Minimum Break Load:  4,400 LBf .(20KN)
Length: 20" 
7,200 LBf (32KN) Large Aluminum Twin sheave Rope Pulleys
Designed and built for Durability and Strength
Attachment points accept up to three carabiners
Ball bearings and large Sheave diameter for high efficiency
Width of sheave 82 mm /3.25 inch
Thickness of sheave 56mm / 2.2inch
Bottom attachment point: 10 kN  2,200 lbs.
For use with static and dynamic ropes
Twin pulley for for various uses
Color: Orange
Strength: 32kN / 7100lbs
Material: sheave: Aluminum
Net weight: 430g / 15 Oz
Max. diameter of rope:5/8 inch or 16 mm
Ball Bearing
CE1019 EN12278
Carabiner 25KN Aluminum, OVAL SHAPE  Screw Locking
Oval shape carabiner has been designed to be used with pulleys, ascenders and descenders.
Carabiner designed for easy turning in slings or belay station.
Gate Style: Screw Lock
Color: Silver
Material: aluminium alloy (anodized)
Strength- minor axis: 9 kN  2,000 lbs
Strength- closed gate: 25 kN   5,500 lbs
Strength- open gate: 9 kN   2,000 lbs
Gate opening (d): 21 mm
Net weight: 77g / 2.72 Oz
Certification(s) : CE 1019

Package Included:

1 x 20KN   2,200 lbs  20" Prusik Loop  
2 x 32KN  7,000 lbs. Mobile Double Pulleys
2 x 25KN  5,500 lbs  Aluminium Alloy OVAL SHAPE Carabiner


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