Flashlight, Aluminum Waterproof Zoomable 1X - 2000X

Flashlight, Aluminum Waterproof Zoomable 1X - 2000X

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3800LM Flashlight, Zoomable to 2000X, Waterproof, 7 Options, High Intensity to 300 yards.  Law enforcement says you should be carrying one of these bright light, solid aluminum body instruments.


Whatever you are doing, you need a reliable, high intensity, LED flashlight.  Great for the home or auto, backyard, camping, backpacking, hunting and fishing, survival, rescue work.  Check out the seven options (below) and select the attachments you need.

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Seven Options:  All options include 1. Flashlight, 2. Battery Casing, 3. Battery Holder

Also Included as follows:

Option A. As indicated above. 

Option B. 1. Battery, 2. USB Charger

Option C. 1. Battery, 2. AC Charger

Option D. 1. AC Charger, 2. Car Charger, 3. USB Charger, 4. Box

Option E. 1. AC Charger, 2. Bike Clip, 3. Box

Option F. 1. AC Charger, 2. Flashlight Holster, 3. Box

Option G. 1. Powerful Magnet

Battery Type: Lithium Ion,18650, AAA
Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
Function: Self Defense, Hard Light, Shock Resistant
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Focal Length: Adjustable
Charger: Rechargeable
Color: Black
Waterproof: Yes
Flashlight Type: Multifunction floodlight
Body Material: Aluminum
Support Dimmer: 5-8 files
Model Number: E17/G700
Wattage: 10
Brand Name: Alonefire
Lumen: 2000
Model of LED Beads: T6
Zoom: Yes
Lighting Distance: 200-500 m